Product development / Pre-heaters

Reform Tech`s Heater Innovation

The next generation emissions standards in Europe EURO 6c/7, will have an enormous impact on the European Automotive market:

At the moment emissions are measured without considering other sources than the car`s engine. For future standards, the complete car will be taken into consideration, of course including the heaters. Modern engines work very efficiently, which leads to less excess heat energy in the exhausts. As a result, modern cars do need heater support to warm up the car´s inside as well as for warming up exhaust gases to enable catalytic converters to work on highest level.

Conventional heaters, however, still work with a high output of emissions, but Euro 6c/7 puts pressure on automobile manufacturers to implement modern and emission-saving technologies.


ReformTech, a Swedish Research- and Development-Company, was founded by a number of leading engineers in the Automotive Industry. They realized the benefits, developed a technology, invented a product and had it patented. This technology is worldwide trendsetting for combustion processes:

Reform Tech´s Heaters work with enormous more efficient combustion than conventional engines (-90%), and with almost zero emissions. The rollout for that new heater is planned for 2015. 


Hörmann and ReformTech are Partners

Hörmann is developing this new technology together with ReformTech, being focused on developing - manufacturing-optimized design. Hörmann will be responsible for producing Reform Tech`s new generation of heaters.


Advantages of Reform Tech`s Heater at a Glance:

  • much more efficient (+90%) than any other heater
  • very low emissions (no particulates, ultra-low CO- , NOX-emissions and CO2-emission)
  • multifuel compatible with both renewable and fossil fuels, such as gasoline, diesel, and other common fuels (most prior attempts with catalytic heaters runs only on propane gas)
  • controllable direction of heat radiation
  • competitive prices
  • robust performance and high reliability
  • requires less space than a conventional heater

Application Areas and Usage:

  • pre-heating and heating of engines, passenger-rooms and exhaust systems
  • parking Heaters, water heaters (e.g. in caravans)
  • battery pre-heating, thermal management for cold-starts and continuous operation in cold weather conditions
  • key component in total thermal management system to meet current and future emission standards