Quality Management

Our company promotes value-based transparency, performance and structured process management to meet the highest-quality standards of the automotive and utility vehicle industries.

We regard change as an opportunity! Our business model is designed to proactively adapt to volatile markets, constantly changing customer needs and the complex and broad range of product variants by addressing changes in a timely manner and continually optimizing our processes.

We remain flexible and demand-oriented when it comes to planning the work shifts for our highly skilled employees, who in turn are then able to guarantee punctual delivery of the correct quantities of high quality goods.

All of our processes are equipped with the necessary contingency plans to ensure delivery under any circumstances. This applies equally to our IT system.

Customer orders are processed and passed on to the respective suppliers through our SAP system.

We are committed to manufacturing our products in an eco-friendly and resource-efficient way. We provide a safe work environment for all our employees and ensure the long-term sustainability of their jobs.

All of our products meet the international quality and reliability standards and are certified according to ISO / TS 16949 and DIN EN ISO 9001. These standards are regularly reviewed in audits and inspections, which ensures their continuous improvement.

In this way we continuously create added value for our customers.