Packaging of Components for the Spare Parts and CKD Market

From the planning of packaging materials and the co-ordination and monitoring of the supply chain to the punctual delivery of spare parts to warehouses and foreign markets, we assume full responsibility.

This starts with the design and manufacturing of the ideal cartons and containers. Here the particular focus is on intelligent product design so that fast cycle times can be achieved while maintaining adequate protection against damage during transit.

The packaging for parts is manufactured to order and to the highest quality standards. Upon request, the spare parts, together with operating instructions, installation parts and hardware for mounting can all be provided for the dealer and delivered as a kit. For overseas shipments, CKD parts and pre-assembled units are packaged in special overseas boxes and loaded in containers.

We deliver according to your desired organization system or, if necessary, directly to your dealers. We also provide you with complete customs clearance solutions in the event of foreign deliveries.

Our sophisticated in-house software calculates the optimum container space utilization, and our long-term cooperation with a global network of highly innovative logistics partners allows us to offer you such extensive, comprehensive packages at favorable terms.


Our Service Portfolio consists of:

  • Process planning
  • Investment costs for related equipment and tools
  • Planning and development of packaging
  • Purchasing of components (unless customer-supplied) and packaging materials
  • Resource management for components and packaging materials
  • Incoming goods transportation coordination
  • Calculations for optimal container space utilization
  • Packaging of the goods in ET or CKD packaging
  • Monitoring of the supply chain, supplier management and development
  • Components change management
  • Customs declaration and clearance
  • Delivery of goods according to customer specifications and, where appropriate, via partner companies, thus increasing "local content"