Your Benefits at a Glance

  • We assume overall responsibility for the product to be assembled
  • Instead of having many, you will only have one contact partner
  • We provide the highest level of planning and process reliabilty, on-time delivery performance and we ensure outstanding quality
  • We are in charge of all investment costs related to plant equipment and technology
  • You enjoy cost benefits by choosing your components at the best prices from various suppliers (Cherry Picking)
  • You can participate in our milk runs and round-trips across Europe, which result in reduced transportation and logistics costs
  • You can benefit from our global CKD supply chain network
  • We can deliver spare parts, CKD parts and pre-assemblies to national and international locations. We can handle custom clearance as well as pre-packaging or packaging on demand
  • We offer comprehensive solutions with the best terms and conditions
  • You will be able to concentrate on your company's core competencies!